Top Tips For Fundamental Issues Of Job


How do we move past this? Grit My Teeth and Take the Money? He’s behaving abominably. Even if he has rock-solid grounds to be angry, this is a horrible way to manage that anger. Any loved one owes it to others to figure out what it would take, within the bounds of morality and the law, of course, to get past the anger and start taking those steps. His way commits you both to being stuck and miserable. This is so bad, in fact, and you’re so far apart, and so far from communicating fully and civilly about it, that I don’t see any realistic options besides good marriage counseling. I’m sorry. try this outI can just hear him refusing to agree to counseling saying you can’t afford it but this degree of misery dictates your going without him if you must. One last thing: Your signature suggests the job is still an option. That might be the Band-Aid you need, but I’m skeptical; you will never forget that this is how he responded to your decision.

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