Basic Guidance On No-nonsense National Health Service Plans

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Providers can, for example, send patients email reminders about prescription refills or flu shots, Patel said. She said that kind of communication could be especially helpful for Americans 65 and older — the population group with the most illness and highest health care costs. The findings, published in the Aug. 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, come from an annual, nationally representative survey of Medicare patients. In 2011, just over 7,600 patients responded. They were 75 years old, on average, and 76 percent said they had cellphones. Sixty-four percent said they used computers, though only 43 percent used the internet. The patients were followed yearly until 2014. Very few seniors went online for health care reasons — even to find general health information. And there was little change by 2014: At that point, 14 percent of respondents were using more digital health methods, while 10 percent had cut back on their use. “We found only a very small increase in the past few years,” Levine said.

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